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Submit your research to Updates in Fetal Medicine 2023 . The topics are :
Artificial intelligence
Placental and umbilical cord abnormalities

Neurosonography and SNC abnormalities

Twin pregnancies

Genetics in Fetal Medicine

Challenges in  Obstetrics

11-13 weeks ultrasound

Fetal treatment

The submitted abstract will be evaluated by an international scientific board and the selected abstracts will be included in the main program as oral communications to be presented during the congress. Your abstract may be eligible to be published on our website (with ISSN number to be defined) even if is not selected for presentation.
The oral communications will be evaluated by an international board to define the winner of the Updates Research Award.

Why submit your research to Updates in Fetal Medicine?

  • Updates is an international congress  where key-opinion leaders  of this field are presenting their latest research data. 

  • If selected for oral presentation, your research will be included in the main programme.

  • Oral presentations are automatically running for the Updates Research Award. 

  • If your research is selected to be publish on our website, the publication will have an e-ISSN number.

Rules of submission:

  • Abstracts must be submitted in English with a maximum of 300 words

  • Abstracts should contain Introduction, Objectives, Methodology, Results and Conclusions.

  • By submitting the abstract the authors confirm they are responsible for the information submitted.

  • By submitting your abstract you agree with a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 4.0

Peer review and presentation:

  • Your abstract will be reviewed by an international board and the authors will be contacted via email.

  • Your abstract can be selected for publication on  Updates in Fetal Medicine abstract page under a ISSN number for online publications (to be confirmed after publication), or can be selected for oral communication.

  • If selected for oral communication, your abstract will be incorporated in the official programme.

  • The presentation will be in english.

  • The presenting author will be automatically registered to the event at no cost, all other authors in the same abstract can register at a discount fee .

  • Details for the presentation (time and duration) will be given via email if your abstract is selected. 

  • All abstract selected will be published on Updates in Fetal Medicine abstract page under a e-ISSN number for online publications (to be confirmed after publication). 


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